Youth Olympic Weightlifting Academy

We are proud to be 1 of 12 recognised talent academies selected by British Weightlifting in 2018.

We are home to and regularly host some of the best young weightlifters in the South West/Midlands region and the whole of the UK.

We currently have 7 young guys on the South West/Midland development squad, we coach English and British youth medalists and a current British youth record holder.


We are passionate about all things weightlifting and are excited to be bringing the sport we love to younger people within our local community. From our experience pursuing strength based sports can be very empowering for a young person  and provides them with so much more than just improved fitness.

We pride ourselves on providing a supportive accessible environment where anyone of any experience level can flourish.

If you know anyone who would love to try a new sport or use weightlifting to enhance their strength and fitness then don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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