Wildboar Youth Academy

Our mission To inspire young people to develop a life long interest in all things health, fitness and wellbeing.

Setting them up for success in everything they do. 

Our Aims are to

To help tackle the growing issue of inactivity in young people.

To Grow the sport of weightlifting within our local community and make it accessible to all young people.

To create a supportive and enjoyable environment where young people can flourish.

Our Wildboar Youth academy is set up to provide the best opportunities for kids to get into Strength based training, be that to improve and compliment their chosen sport or to explore the sport of Weightlifting.

Strength training has now been proven to have many benefits to young people that go far beyond just getting stronger but improving mental wellbeing to.

We have created a Development Pathway within our club for our young athletes to ensure we meet them where they are at and can cater to individual needs.

This ensures training is safe, effective and appropriate for all.

The Pathway

Strength and Conditioning

General Strength and Conditioning is our access point for all young people prior to doing any Olympic Weightlifting. This is where we can safely introduce strength training to young people and give them all the foundations to be successful, be that in their chosen sport or within the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

From our experience, a young person spending a period of time doing this training is the best way to set them up for success.  We teach them to squat, deadlift, press and do various plyometric movements alongside some conditioning work to provide all round fitness.

We run these sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as 3.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Development Group

Our Youth development group is for those who demonstrate a passion for strength training and show potential commitment to and interest in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

This group is invitational only and we look for much more than just physical ability when selecting people for our development programme. Qualities such as ability to work within a team, work ethic and general love for training are a few examples.

Individuals within this group will have the chance explore the sport of Olympic Weightlifting more alongside their general Strength and Conditioning and potentially look to train to compete within the sport at some point. 

This new group gets together on a Friday evening.

Talent Group

Our talent development group is an invitational group for those actively participating within the sport of Olympic weightlifting, are committed to the sport and seeking to or are already at national age group level. 

We do not create these groups to be exclusive or treat young athletes any differently We have created this tiered system simply because as people evolve within our youth academy their needs begin to differ. Therefore it is key to split up the groups somewhat if we are to maximise physical development of everyone involved.

If you know a young person who would be interested in working with us and getting started within our Strength and Conditioning program then we’d love to help get them started!

We offer free taster sessions to any young person who would like to get involved or try out our Strength and Conditioning sessions.

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