Strength Training for young people – what the parents say…

Rob Byett parent of Josh Byett 13 Josh is excelling in his weightlifting and is a current English Bronze medalist Josh as been training for about 2 years. Josh first started training with me to improve his rugby, he lacked confidence on the rugby field, standing back to let others take charge and generally notContinue reading “Strength Training for young people – what the parents say…”

Nurturing Early Succeeders

“Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child”   One of our most important roles as coaches of young athletes is to educate parents. Quite simply a parents role in their childs athletic development to; We truly believe parental support can play a huge role in the success/limiting of success ofContinue reading “Nurturing Early Succeeders”

5 lessons learnt from working with young athletes

Working with young athletes has proven a rewarding and constantly challenging pursuit, something we have developed a great passion for. It’s gives us great purpose in knowing we can have a long lasting impact on a young persons life through sharing our passion for training. Here are a few things we have encountered so farContinue reading “5 lessons learnt from working with young athletes”

Youth Summer Lifting Course 2019

“Pursuing strength and fitness is one of the most rewarding and self esteem boosting activities anyone can partake in and we as coaches want to facilitate that for as many young people as possible from all walks of life.” We are excited to announce our upcoming youth summer lifting course! We are looking to workContinue reading “Youth Summer Lifting Course 2019”

Why every young person should lift weights

Before we start, lets explain what Strength Training is.  If there was a definitive phrase to encompass what the generalised term of Strength Training is then this little piece from Rhodri S. Lloyd in his book Strength and Conditioning for young athletes does as fine a job as i have ever seen…   ‘Strength trainingContinue reading “Why every young person should lift weights”