Youth Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Our youth Strength and conditioning sessions are designed to cater for a number of fitness goals.

These sessions are for developing great technique in more complex strength exercises such as your Squats and Deadlifts and teach perfect movement under the watchful eye of our expert coaches.

Our sessions are based around having fun, developing new skills and creating a safe and rewarding environment where young people can make great progress and more importantly enjoy every minute of it.

Some of our young guys who have started doing Strength and Conditioning have moved into our Olympic Lifting academy and now compete in the sport of weightlifting at a national level, some use it to compliment their team sports and some do it as it leaves them feeling great and they the process of becoming stronger and fitter.

If you’re interested in bringing your child down to try out our Strength and conditioning classes click this link and fill out our contact form and we will be in touch to arrange a session time!

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