Falling back in love with training.

Within the first week of programming I started to feel my enjoyment for weightlifting come back after a long period of injured training Before working with Wildboar I had experience with competitive weightlifting for just over two years. I had worked along side two other coaches, however once I picked up a back injury myContinue reading “Falling back in love with training.”

Wildboar Winter Open 2019

On Sunday we hosted the Wildboar Winter Open weightlifting competition. An open competition for all age groups and abilities. Our aim was to put on an event that was welcoming, supportive and created an environment for lifters to flourish. In total we had 56 lifters down to lift over the course of the day withinContinue reading “Wildboar Winter Open 2019”

Wildboar Youth Academy set up Our Wildboar Youth academy is set up to provide the best opportunities for kids to get into Strength based training, be that to improve and compliment their chosen sport or to explore the Sport of Weightlifting We are proud to be a talent academy for the South West and MidlandsContinue reading

Watching high-quality Weightlifting either in-person or on video is one of the most useful learning tools you can use to help improve your own lifting. Very often people will see the top athletes in the World Championships and Olympic Games, watch their technique and then try to emulate it in their own lifting . Sometimes, this willContinue reading

How to stop losing Jerks in front

Jerks can be frustrating to say the least. I’m sure we have all been there or at least seen it. We Clean a weight beautifully, it feels amazing, easy in fact and then we annoyingly fluff our jerk and as if in slow motion feel the weight get away from us and leave it inContinue reading “How to stop losing Jerks in front”