Falling back in love with training.

Within the first week of programming I started to feel my enjoyment for weightlifting come back after a long period of injured training

Before working with Wildboar I had experience with competitive weightlifting for just over two years. I had worked along side two other coaches, however once I picked up a back injury my training had to be altered and this is where I felt I wasn’t receiving the necessary help. My attention turned to Wildboar after seeing the amazing technical and strength work with younger lifters. Weightlifting is challenging enough but to have the skill to teach it to a younger audience is really impressive and a sign of both good knowledge and patience. This filled me with a lot of confidence when approaching Wildboar for coaching. 

Within the first week of programming I started to feel my enjoyment for weightlifting come back after a long period of injured training. The taster week was full of exercises that were perfect for my areas of weakness. Wildboar are super flexible and happily accommodated to how my back was coping with the training. Everything is done with your health and enjoyment in mind. The app used to communicate and share videos, Truecoach, is a very professional and easy way of sharing my training, receiving feedback and constant support. 

During the last 2 months of training not only have I made significant technical progress, which in turn has lead to huge improvements on my back injury! The confidence I have gained as been amazing, limits that I set myself have been smashed and weights I’d be scared for have turned into my working sets. 

Moving forwards, we can continue to address weak areas and build up a solid foundation for my lifting. We have a line up of competitions to work up through the rankings. After recent competition, we managed to qualify for the English Seniors, lots of hard work to be done in preparation for this which I’m confident working with Wildboar will give me the best chance of a successful competition. 

I cannot recommend Wildboar enough, the amount of knowledge and attention to detail is amazing. Super friendly and supportive coaching. Best decision I have made for my weightlifting. 

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