Wildboar Winter Open 2019

On Sunday we hosted the Wildboar Winter Open weightlifting competition. An open competition for all age groups and abilities. Our aim was to put on an event that was welcoming, supportive and created an environment for lifters to flourish.

In total we had 56 lifters down to lift over the course of the day within 6 lifting groups, including 10 of of our own lifters, some stepping out onto the platform for the first time which was exciting!

In the first group of the day we had two of our Youth Academy Libby and Melody hit the platform.

Libby had another good day on the platform hitting 33kg on the Snatch and 46kg in the Clean and Jerk, narrowly missing 50kg for a big PB! Its 100% there next time!

Libbys 46kg Clean and Jerk and 50kg attempt


Melody hit Comp PB’s across the board hitting a 35kg Snatch and a 47kg Clean and Jerk for an 82kg Total.  This was Melody’s best comp to date and is a credit to all the hard work she has put in this year! We are excited to see her progress moving forwards.

In the second group we had a couple of the guys Jacob and Hayden hit the platform. This was Jacobs Second competition and Hayden’s third as we looked to add to their previous comp totals!

Jacob opened his Snatch with what he finished up with in August making light work of a 35kg. He was then super unlucky on his other two lifts, getting red lights for a slight press out.

He didn’t let this phase him and came out strong on the Clean and Jerk hitting 51kg for a PB and looking good for more! This was a significant improvement on Jacobs first competition and weightlifting still hasn’t been a huge focus of his training so we are excited to see what we can do moving forwards.

Hayden hit a PB Total of 130kg hitting the qualification standard for the English Age Groups finishing with a 58kg Snatch and a 72kg Clean and Jerk. This was a big Comp PB total for Hayden who had his best day on the platform as he starts to realise his potential within the sport.



Next up were a group of our next group of female lifters!

First up was young Kayleigh in her 4th competition but first with adults (Kayleigh is only just 10). Kayleigh kept herself composed and hit 23kg in the Snatch for a new PB followed by a huge PB in the Clean and Jerk of 30kg! This was Kayleigh’s best competition so far and she did an awesome job!


Next up was Katy Davies. This was Katy’s 3rd comp and she has made some impressive progress over the last 12 months! Katy hit 55kg on the Snatch for a comp PB and 67kg on the Clean and Jerk, finishing with a PB total of 122kg, 9kgs up from her last comp! We are excited to knuckle down with some Strength Development work and continue to push on!


Rachel Ellison was our 3rd lifter in this group to grace the platform in her first competition. Rachel is a few months out from a Knee Operation so the aim of this comp was experience and just getting out onto the platform! Rach hit a 48kg Snatch and a 67kg Clean and Jerk. What makes this really impressive is that these weights are around 90% of her all time maxes! A great first comp of many for Rach!


Our next lifter was Rob Palmer, a remote athlete of ours who is coached by Isaac. Rob has made huge progress since focusing on some individualised programming and it certainly paid off! Rob went 80/104 for PB’s in every lift and a great debut on the platform, hitting qualification for the British Masters in the process. It was so great to finally get Rob on the platform and we can’t wait to see his further development under Isaac.


Next up we had another remote athlete of ours Rae Trowbridge. Rae was heading into her first competition for a little while after getting back into some regular training over the last few months. Rae had a great day back out on the platform finishing with a PB 67kg Snatch and an 80kg Clean and Jerk, narrowly missing 84kg! This puts us in a great position to move forwards moving into next year where we are super excited to see what progress we can make!


In our final group of the day we had Campbell and Jake our heavyweights competing!

Jake was up first and finished with a 169kg total. Jake sprained his elbow in his first Snatch attempt so it was awesome to see him bounce back and still make a total from that. It was a great learning experience for Jake and we know he’ll come back stronger than ever next year!


Campbell excelled himself once again on the platform. He hit two comp PB’s, 86kg in the Snatch and 110kg on the Clean and Jerk as he pushes close to a 200kg total. Cam didn’t have the best prep after a wrist niggle but still managed to produce on the day!


We are excited as a club to move forwards with our lifters and are excited to see their progress and share with everyone over the coming months!

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