Strength Training for young people – what the parents say…

Rob Byett parent of Josh Byett 13

Josh is excelling in his weightlifting and is a current English Bronze medalist

Josh as been training for about 2 years.

Josh first started training with me to improve his rugby, he lacked confidence on the rugby field, standing back to let others take charge and generally not getting very involved. 


Once Josh had started training with Wildboar Weightlifting we could all see the difference in his confidence especially on the rugby field, he was becoming more involved in games, his fitness, attitude and work rate improved massively. More recently he won player of the year this season for his club.

We have  seen massive improvements with his self esteem, he is now a confident lad who really enjoys training. So much so he now competes within the sport at a national level.

Wildboar weightlifting is a fantastic place for young people to get into training, a fantastic bunch of kids with some great coaches, I would definitely recommend Wildboar Weightlifting to anyone.


Tina Turley parent of Jake Turley Age 16

Jake has embraced all things weightlifting over the last 2 years.

Jake has been training for around one and half years, he started by completing a summer course as he wanted to get fitter and learn how to eat healthier.

Jake has played rugby for 10 years and has always was always been apart of a team effort but since joining Wildboar Jake now also pursues an individual sport and all his effort is on a personal gain. 

He is a lot  fitter and not so tired. His confidence has grown and he understands that he can’t just live off junk food!

Jakes self esteem has improved and he has made huge positive changes to his lifestyle.



I would definitely recommend wild boar weightlifting, the atmosphere is brilliant, the coaches explain everything in detail and the support they give their clients is 100%.



Jake is a well spoken young lad booming with self confidence. All his personal goals  are encouraged and it’s all down to the team of Wildboar Weightlifting and Fortitude Gym.


Tracey Greenman- parent of Melody 16


Melodys confidence has massively improved, she used to speak so quietly that I could hardly hear her and I would often have to get her to repeat what she was saying, now she has a voice that she does not mind using.

Her body confidence has greatly improved too, she had for the longest time slumped shoulders my guess is from being so shy she would try and make herself smaller and less noticeable but now she walks much more proudly.



Honestly weightlifting and the coaches and the team have turned her around I was so worried about her. 

She loves it so much she’s doing a sports science course when she leaves school and then on to a degree hoping to become a coach!

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