Youth Summer Lifting Course 2019

“Pursuing strength and fitness is one of the most rewarding and self esteem boosting activities anyone can partake in and we as coaches want to facilitate that for as many young people as possible from all walks of life.”

We are excited to announce our upcoming youth summer lifting course!

We are looking to work with 12 young people aged 11-13 who want to improve their health and fitness.

We are on a mission to get young people as excited by and as passionate about health and fitness as we are and we know from experience how beneficial well structured, coach led strength and conditioning training can be physically and more importantly mentally for any young person. 

Key Stage 4 sees the greatest decline in young people participating in physical activity so we want to work to prevent this decline and share our passion to ensure we keep people active and able to live healthy rewarding lives.

It is well proven that habits formed during adolescence usually pass onto adulthood. Resistance based training is one of the top global leisure time physical activities participated in by adults. This means its one of the most popular ways adults choose to keep fit. However quality supervision is rare for young people which is why we are determined to make a difference and be able to offer something unique to young people thats rewarding and enjoyable.

Our course is suitable to any ability and will be focused on developing all round fitness qualities such as strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, coordination, speed and power. All qualities that will promote better health as well as compliment any sporting endeavours.

The course includes 2 training sessions per week held at 5pm-6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays on the following dates,

30 July- 1st August

6 August – 8th August

13th August-15th August

20th August – 22nd August

27th August- 29th August

3rd September – 5th s=September

The general flow of the sessions will be a group warm up/game designed to encourage team work and to build general motor skills, Movement/strength based work using a variety of resistance based equipment; DB’s, KB’s Barbells, Bands etc and bodyweight exercises. We then finish off with some conditioning work, designed to build aerobic fitness.

We will also be providing a nutrition handout for parents/young people to help them be more aware of how they can eat healthy and whats important and whats not when it comes to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 

We have 12 spaces for this course and are excited to work with more young people and grow our youth fitness community.  

The total cost of this course is £60 and there will be an opportunity to continue training regularly on completion.

If you’re interested then the link to sign up is here

Click me!

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us through the page or on Facebook.

We can’t wait to meet you


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