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We help people Maximise their performance in Olympic Weightlifting through fully individualised Online Coaching

We are a recognised Talent Academy for British Weightlifting and run a Youth Academy where we work with a range of young people of varying ages and offer sessions to suit all abilities.

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Take a look at what our lifters say…

I picked up a back injury my training had to be altered and this is where I felt I wasn’t receiving the necessary help. My attention turned to Wildboar after seeing the amazing technical and strength work with younger lifters.

During the last 2 months of training not only have I made significant technical progress, which in turn has lead to huge improvements on my back injury! The confidence I have gained as been amazing, limits that I set myself have been smashed and weights I’d be scared for have turned into my working sets. 

I cannot recommend Wildboar enough, the amount of knowledge and attention to detail is amazing. Super friendly and supportive coaching. Best decision I have made for my weightlifting.

Rae Trowbridge – Wildboar Online Lifter

We have  seen massive improvements with his self esteem, he is now a confident lad who really enjoys training. So much so he now competes within the sport at a national level.

Wildboar weightlifting is a fantastic place for young people to get into training, a fantastic bunch of kids with some great coaches, I would definitely recommend Wildboar Weightlifting to anyone.

Rob Byett – Parent of Josh Byett member of our Youth Academy

I chose to take up Wildboar Online and I haven’t looked back since. I have to say it has been worth every penny

All my lifts have increased by at least 10 kg, with 15 kg’s on both my front and back squat… in just 13 weeks

I really wasn’t sure that I needed Online Coaching because I have been training in some shape or form for most of my adult life… but the guidance and the personalised programme is worth it on it’s own before you consider his top banter and constant feedback and accountability

I have now competed in my first competition, achieved a PB Snatch, PB Clean & Jerk and a PB Total – whilst going 6 for 6!

Rob Palmer Wildboar Online

Melodys confidence has massively improved, she used to speak so quietly that I could hardly hear her and I would often have to get her to repeat what she was saying, now she has a voice that she does not mind using.

Her body confidence has greatly improved too, she had for the longest time slumped shoulders my guess is from being so shy she would try and make herself smaller and less noticeable but now she walks much more proudly

She loves it so much she’s doing a sports science course when she leaves school and then on to a degree hoping to become a coach!

Tracey Beddis mother of Wildboar Youth Athlete Melody Beddis